Here at St. Catherine's Pre-school, we run a Waiting List system for all our admissions.  A Waiting List Application form can be found in our 'Useful Information' section.

Spaces are allocated by the child's date of birth, followed by how long they have been on our waiting list. These allocations are made in writing.


We have one intake at the beginning of the academic year in the Autumn Term (September) and priority is given to eligible children (those who will be funded from the term after their third birthday). If you wish for your child to be considered, we must have received your completed Waiting List Application form before the Easter Half Term. 


If there are still spaces available once our September allocation process is complete, we will then look at opening up a January intake (spaces permitting - we cannot guarantee availability).

We are flexible about attendance patterns to accommodate the needs of individual children and families (our recommendation is a minimum of 2 days for younger children and 3 days for children already of 3 years of age - all sessions are consecutive where possible).

Our current charge is £18 (per 3hr session - correct as of September 2020).

* for those children eligible for government funding.

For details on how to claim 2yr funding and 30 hour extended funding, please click on a link below: 



If you are interested in a place for your child, please contact Becky who will be happy to help:

tel: 07745 909348